Process Engineer


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Job Description:


1, responsible for the development and design of process flow;
2, responsible for the implementation of the process design plan, complete the technical preparation;
3, responsible for the completion of the process and content, including PFD, P & ID and other process package related content;
4. Responsible for submitting equipment design conditions;
5. Be responsible for submitting I & C conditions.


1. Bachelor degree or above, at least two years relevant working experience;
2. Have received training on chemical process, chemical equipment and system;
3. Proficient in the application of HYSYS, ASPEN PLUS and PRO II and other professional software;
4. With professionalism, team spirit, strong sense of responsibility and dedication.

Work location:

228 Golf Road, Dongzhou Street, Fuyang City, Hangzhou City