Sales Engineer


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Job Description:


1. Obtain, summarize and update relevant information of customer projects; Understand market trends;
2. Regular contact with customers to obtain project information;
3. Participate in business negotiations with the marketing manager and draw up business contracts;
4, to obtain information on the competition situation, summary of relevant information;
5, the progress of the project to track, to ensure that the contract requirements of the supply;
6. Complete the sales target and sales profit issued by the company;
7. Assist the marketing manager to conduct customer satisfaction survey and analysis, and formulate improvement measures.


1. College degree or above, major in machinery and chemical engineering is preferred, trained in marketing, industrial economy, public relations, management skills development, etc;
2. Familiar with cryogenic manufacturing industry product related knowledge;
3. Have good market judgment and development ability, strong organization and management ability, and have a deep understanding of marketing work.