Quality inspector


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Job Description:


1. Supervise and inspect the "three inspections" of operators in the production process, namely, the first inspection, the middle inspection and the final inspection. Correct problems found in a timely manner, and resolutely prevent non-conforming products from mixing into the next process.
2, found that major quality problems immediately to the production, technology, quality departments, in order to take timely measures to reduce losses.
3. Do a good job in the inspection of raw materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts.
4. Monitor the effectiveness of process documents, fixtures and measuring instruments used on site.


1. Master JB7261, JB4730, ASME code and other relevant technical standards.
2. Master factory standards and quality documents.
3. Graduated from Secondary specialized school or above, with at least 2 years of relevant working experience.