What are the characteristics of steel structure?

Steel is a common decoration material, which is used in many occasions. So, what are the characteristics of steel structure? Let's take a look.

what are the characteristics of steel structure:

1, high strength, light weight

The strength of steel structure is very high, compared with concrete and wood, its strength is higher. And light weight, easy to transport and install.

2. Good plasticity and uniform material

The steel structure has good seismic effect, uniform material and high reliability.

3. High degree of mechanization

The steel structure is easy to assemble, has high production efficiency and short construction period, and is a high degree of industrialization.

4. Good sealing

Its welded structure has good sealing performance, so the built building is strong and the heat preservation effect is good.

5. High degree of mechanization
High degree of mechanization is a characteristic of steel structure. In the process of manufacturing and installation, the steel structure can realize the precise processing and assembly of the components, and can be processed and assembled by automated equipment, which improves the production efficiency and product quality. In addition, the production process of steel structure is highly automated, which can realize assembly line production and improve the flexibility and efficiency of the production line. Therefore, a steel structure with a high degree of mechanization has a high level of production efficiency and quality.
6, strong flexibility
One of the characteristics of steel structure is its strong flexibility, which can be customized according to the needs of various shapes and structures of buildings to meet different building needs.

What should be paid attention to in the design of steel structure

1. in the design of steel structure housing, can not be blindly modeling calculation. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis first, communicate with the designers first, and design after fully understanding the project situation.

2., before modeling and calculation, we should make full preparations. For example, the calculation of load should be accurate, not just approximate estimation.

Third, in the steel structure modeling, we must first understand the meaning of each parameter, do not blindly modify the parameters, otherwise it will affect the stability of the later construction of steel structure.

In the calculation of the 4., the economy of the material should be fully considered, and the amount of reinforcement or the cross-section of the component should not be increased at will. So when designing steel structures, we must take this into account.

Five, in the design of steel structure, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the structure, to the reasonable application of steel, can not cut corners, or less, missing, these situations will affect the stability of the building. And after the construction, pay attention to see whether the steel structure is stable and carefully check.