Function and Application of Cryogenic Device

A cryogenic device is a device that uses a refrigerant to deeply cool an object. The cryogenic device can reduce the temperature of the object to the required low temperature to meet specific needs. Cryogenic devices are used in many different fields, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aerospace, military, etc. This article will introduce the function, principle, structure and application of cryogenic device.

1. role

The main function of the cryogenic device is to reduce the temperature of the object to the required low temperature to meet specific needs. Cryogenic machine is a kind of equipment that uses physical principles such as compression and expansion to cool the gas to a lower temperature. Cryogenic machine has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and stable operation, and can be widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, manufacturing and other fields.
Cryogenic devices can be used in the following areas:

Pharmaceutical field: The cryogenic device can be used to freeze pharmaceutical raw materials, drugs, biochemical products, etc., making it easier to store and transport.

Chemical industry: cryogenic devices can be used to cool chemical reagents, catalysts, coatings, etc., to reduce their reaction speed and extend their service life.

Aerospace field: Cryogenic devices can be used to manufacture cryogenic media such as liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen in aerospace equipment.

Military field: cryogenic devices can be used to manufacture high-energy lasers, ballistic missiles and other military equipment.
2. principle

The working principle of the cryogenic device is to use the cycle of the refrigerant to reduce the temperature of the object to the required low temperature. Specifically, the cryogenic device includes components such as a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and a pipeline. A refrigerant circulates between these sections, thereby lowering the temperature of the object to a desired low temperature. The cryogenic machine uses physical principles such as compression and expansion for refrigeration. The basic principle is: through a specific process, the working fluid (usually gas) from a low temperature and low pressure state through compression, cooling, expansion, heating and other processes, and finally the working fluid is cooled to the required temperature.

3. structure

The structure of the cryogenic device includes compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, pipeline, controller and other components. Among them, the compressor is used to compress the refrigerant into high-pressure gas, the condenser is used to cool the high-pressure gas into high-pressure liquid, the expansion valve is used to expand the high-pressure liquid into low-pressure liquid, and the evaporator is used to evaporate the low-pressure liquid into low-temperature vapor. The pipeline is used to connect the various components, and the controller is used to control parameters such as temperature and pressure.

Work flow of 4. cryogenic machine
The working process of cryogenic machine mainly includes compression, cooling, expansion and heating. The specific process is as follows:
1. Compression: use the motor to drive the compressor to compress the gas to a high pressure state;
2. Cooling: the high-pressure gas is cooled by the cooler to liquefy it;
3. Expansion: liquefied gas enters the expander through the throttle valve, and the temperature drops after expansion to realize refrigeration;
4. Heating: The cooled gas is heated by the heater to return to normal temperature and pressure.

Application field of 5. cryogenic machine
Cryogenic machines are widely used in many fields, including:
1. Scientific research field: mainly used in low-temperature experiments, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconducting materials and other fields in scientific research laboratories.
2. Medical field: commonly used in low temperature preservation, frozen storage, biological products production and other medical applications;
3. Industrial manufacturing field: including precision machinery manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic device manufacturing and other fields.
In short, the cryogenic machine is an important refrigeration equipment, in many modern fields have a wide range of applications. Through the continuous development and innovation of cryogenic technology, it will bring more convenience and development opportunities to our life and work.