How to install steel structure floor slab

The installation steps of steel structure floor slab are as follows:

1. Bomb line positioning. The control line is determined on the center line of the steel beam to control the lap width of the floor slab lap steel beam and the position of the welding spot.
2. Discharge plate blanking. According to the design requirements, determine the location, spacing and span size of the primary and secondary beams, and prepare the layout design, numbering and material list of the profiled steel plate.
3. Prepare for hoisting. Before hoisting, confirm that the ingredients are correct, and install the profiled steel plate with the main structure according to the construction sequence and progress.
4. Lifting. The position line of profiled steel plate laying shall be marked on the beam, and after hoisting in place, the laying shall be started from the laying line, and the plate seam shall be adjusted to ensure compliance with the drawing and specification requirements.
5. Installation and fixation. Pre-assemble the profiled steel plate on the ground or platform, check and adjust the parts that are not tightly and tightly engaged. According to the actual layout of the laying, fixed connection.
6. Clean up the site. After the installation is completed, clean up the residue and garbage on the site and keep the site clean and tidy.
7. In addition, safety work should be paid attention to during the installation process to ensure the safety of people and things, and operate in accordance with the construction specifications.

1. preparation

1.1 measuring length and width: Before installing the floor, the length and width of the floor on site need to be accurately measured to ensure that the floor can be accurately aligned during installation.

1.2 steel structure floor slab materials: steel structure floor slab materials need to be prepared in advance to ensure qualified quality.

1.3 Prepare the installation tools: The installation tools needed during the installation process include electric nailing machine, steel plate accessories, wrenches, etc.

Installation process of 2. steel structure floor slab

2.1 clean up the site: clean up the site thoroughly to ensure that there is no garbage, sundries, etc. affecting the construction.

2.2 laying cement mixing material: laying cement mixing material with a thickness of about 30mm at the positioning position of the floor, and adjusting it horizontally and vertically with a level ruler to make it horizontal.

2.3 Install the main beam: First install the main beam and position it on the cement mix.

2.4 Install the steel plate: pre-place the steel plate on the main beam, align it and use an electric nailing machine to fix it on the main beam.

2.5 to install the bracket: Next, you need to install the bracket, and use a wrench to fix the bracket on the main beam.

2.6 Install steel plate fittings: Install steel plate fittings on the bracket and tighten with a wrench.

2.7 Assemble the second floor: After completing the installation of the first floor, you can install the second floor and follow the same method.

2.8 keel installation: After installing all floors, keels need to be installed to fix the floor.

3. considerations

3.1 pretreatment: Before installing the steel structure floor slab, pretreatment is required, including checking the construction drawing, determining the installation location, and listing the detailed installation plan.

3.2 safety attention: When installing steel structure floors, pay attention to safety to ensure that personnel and materials will not fall or slide.

3.3 Reasonable distribution of work: When installing, it is necessary to allocate work reasonably to ensure that each person has their own tasks and reduce installation time.